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    Jumping Ship

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    Текст песни Jumping Ship
    Текст песни Jumping Ship

    Since when do you get to tell me exactly how, exactly how I feel? It seems to me youve been real short with everything youre saying
    Not completely dishonest, but enough to hide what is real
    You Apologize and say youre sorry
    But you cant feel
    No, you cant even feel
    Transparent limbs, transparent skin
    Dont try and touch me
    Dont try and stop me
    Im jumping ship and getting out of here
    You know its true
    Im a softie when it comes to a good time
    But that doesnt mean Im down with
    It doesnt mean Im down for you
    You know it
    You know its true
    What can I say, I just cant help myself
    Theres no way I could resist, if I wanted
    Even if I wanted to
    When I saw you, you needed help
    Thats when I stepped in
    Cause youre dying, and Im trying to stop you
    You wandered off, youre far from home
    You think I planned for this? Im just trying to get you back and now Ive fallen for you
    Every things not lost
    Its far from over
    Just dont jump
    Just dont jump
    Take a second look around and try and understand
    I know you say youve seen it all before
    Im sorry, not like this
    Not like this
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